[FFmpeg-devel] ffmpeg iphone opengl

michelle211 at comcast.net michelle211
Fri Jan 15 15:07:58 CET 2010

Please refer to this post 


I am trying to either fix ffplay from the ffmpeg4iphone project or come up with a simple videoplayer example. Someone has to do it and the maintainers of that project don't have a clue.. 

SDL 1.3 only works with iphone 0s 2.21, a showstopper for many developers. 

What I'd like to do is either create a version of ffplay which just uses a open gl layer, but I am a bit cluless where to begin. The above post helps a little bit but is very incomplete. 

If anyone has an example of ffplay using opengl instead of sdl I'd appreciate it. You can send it to me here michelle211 at comcast.net . Alternatively if someone just has an example of a videoplayer that uses open gl and works with the latest ffmpeg build that would be great to. 

Right now with sdl broken for iphone os 3.0 and os 3.1 there does not seem to be any viable way to get ffplay working on the iphone. 

Under os 2.21, the picture is a bad distorted green. 

You can use the gas-processor-pl script and build from the latest svn but then you can't get it to work because of the sdl issues. 

Any help would be deeply appreciated. 

If I can solve this I will put together a sample project and post it to the ffmpeg4iphone site. 

Please let me know what source output would be helpful, compile logs etc. 

I am willing to work with anyone who would like to take up this challenge (ie. exchanging files and testing). 

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