[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Add an RTSP muxer

Martin Storsjö martin
Sun Jan 10 01:16:10 CET 2010

On Sun, 10 Jan 2010, Luca Abeni wrote:

> On 09/01/10 20:12, Martin Storsj? wrote:
> [...]
> > IIRC, using this doesn't require too much config of the DSS - after
> > getting it up and running, you should be able to send streams to it using
> > this muxer, and then just connect to the same URL with a player.
> The rtsp.c file changed, so your patches do not apply anymore... I Applied
> them by hand, trying to resolve the various conflicts. But now (after fixing
> some authorization problems), DSS replies with an error.
> If I try
> ffmpeg -re -i ./test.mp4 -f rtsp -vcodec mpeg4 -an
> rtsp://
> I get a
> RTSP/1.0 415 Unsupported Media Type
> as a response to
> SETUP rtsp:// RTSP/1.0

Yeah, IIRC DSS requires the file names for this kind of streaming to end 
in .sdp.

> If I try
> ffmpeg -re -i ./test.mp4 -f rtsp -vcodec mpeg4 -an
> rtsp://
> the error changes in
> RTSP/1.0 404 Not Found

Hmm, sure you had the SDP hostname->IP patch applied, too? Getting 404 at 
least happens if the SDP lacks c= lines (which shouldn't happen now that 
those parts are commited) or if the c= lines contain host names instead of 
numerical IP addresses.

> Can you send an updated patch which is working for you, so that I can check if
> the problem is with the patch or with DSS?

Attached is an all-in-one patch for the whole series, including the parts 
that aren't needed anymore, that I haven't cleaned up yet. (Not for 
reviewal, just for you to get something to test.) Should apply straight to 
the latest master, and works for me, with the same kind of command line 
that you used. (Tested against DSS 5.5.5 on linux and 6.0.3 on OS X.)

Hope you get it to work!

// Martin
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