[FFmpeg-devel] [QUESTION] Indeo5 completion help

Maxim max_pole
Sun Jan 3 03:55:16 CET 2010

Hello crews,

due very limited time I can currently spend for FFmpeg-related
development I want to ask if someone could help me with completion of
the long-awaited Indeo5 decoder? It's finished so far and (with
exception of some minor bugs I'm working on) is able to decode
flawlessly 90 of 93 sample videos I have on my HD.

The code was commited to the FFmpeg's SoC repository (see the folder
"soc/indeo5"), so anyone can help out...

The work needed to be done is all about bringing the code into the shape
and quality FFmpeg requires. I suppose some refraction/simplification,
cosmetic changes among with several patch review rounds is required.
I'll do my best on completing the codec documentation at:


You can surely ask me if you have any questions regarding this stuff...

My intention is just to add a support for this common codec as soon as

Many thanks in advance!
Maxim Poliakovski

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