[FFmpeg-devel] AVMetadataConv

Michael Niedermayer michaelni
Sun Feb 28 20:18:21 CET 2010


Our metadata api has a few problems 2 of them are
1. mapping between different value formats is not cleanly supported
   (year vs iso data, various formats of specifying languages, ...)
2. the code doesnt behave terribly sanely for similar fields like
   input files with author & artist and a output container format that
   supports just one of the 2

Heres a simple proposal to fix these.
Comments welcome

1. Add a function pointer to AVMetadataConv that allows demuxers to
specify (possibly shared) functions to do convertions like year<->iso date

2a. Add a single (de)muxer unspecific AVMetadataConv table that maps between
    author<->artist, title<->description and such
2b. Add a int distance to AVMetadataConv that specifies the semantic
    difference between the 2 keys (auth and author would be distance 0 that
    is identical, artst and author would be >0)
2c. Change metadata_conv() so that each source tag is mapped over
    demuxer + internal + muxer tables in a way to minimize the sum of the
    distance values involved.

we also need some way to distinguish containers that can store arbitrary
string keys and ones that cannot, the convertion would differ between the 2


volunteers to implement it?

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