[FFmpeg-devel] libavfilter scale problem

slippyr4 slippyr4
Fri Feb 26 12:58:17 CET 2010

Not sure whether resurrecting this thread is correct or whether i should
have started something new, but...

i think the changes Vitor made to vf_transpose and vf_rotate (were there
others too?) to prevent them from working with slices has introduced a bug
when the affected filter is not the last filter in the chain.

for example, this works as expected:-
ffmpeg -t 2 -i source.m2ts -vfilters "hflip,vflip,rotate=35" output.mp4

however, change the filter order like this:-
ffmpeg -t 2 -i source.m2ts -vfilters "rotate=35,hflip,vflip" output.mp4

crashes ffmpeg (on win32 with an accessviolationexception).



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