[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] HE-AAC v1 decoder try 4

Vladimir Pantelic pan
Fri Feb 26 09:21:25 CET 2010

Alex Converse wrote:

> There seem to be three tolerable ways to fix this:
> A) set frame_size to zero in aac_decode_init()
> for other libav* users this may have similar repercussions as setting
> sample_rate to zero for ffplay
> B) make has_codec_parameters() always return false for AAC
> creates a hidden behavioral dependency between lavc and lavf version matching
> old lavf old lavc ok
> old lavf new lavc bug: half the sample rate is advertised, ffplay will
> play back at half speed
> new lavf old lavc ok
> new lavf new lavf ok
> C) have ffplay set sample_rate and channels before opening the decoder
> other libav* users may have used ffplay as a model

C) would still need a way to "update" the sample rate after the 1st decode as
the demuxer could signal the lower (non-sbr) rate, no?

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