[FFmpeg-devel] H.26[34] parsers not updating fields

Felipe Contreras felipe.contreras
Wed Feb 24 01:31:21 CET 2010


I'm trying to use some FFmpeg parses (MPEG-4 video, H.263 and H.264)
in a standalone way, primarily to fetch the width and height from the
codec configuration data (but I'm also interested in profile and

However, it looks like neither the H.263, nor H.264 parsers are
actually storing the information. From what I can see the H.264 parser
is finding the information from the SPS and PPS, but not storing it in
the context. The H.263 parser is not even trying to parse the fields.

Only the MPEG-4 video parser is fetching the width and height
properly, but not the profile and level.

So it seems the current code is relying completely on the demuxer.

I'm attaching a test application that shows the problem.

Any thoughts?

Felipe Contreras
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