[FFmpeg-devel] Before I *fix this*, please confirm that it is in fact a *bug*

Michael Niedermayer michaelni
Tue Feb 23 15:58:47 CET 2010

On Tue, Feb 23, 2010 at 01:11:48PM +0000, Chris Stones wrote:
> Hey guys.
> I suspect that I have found a bug, but am unsure on how you guys
> would prefer I fixed it.. or if you even consider it a bug to begin with.
> I am converting two collections of images ( input format image2, png
> encoding) into a nut containing two snow videos.
> ffmpeg -i anim1%d.png -strict -2 -vcodec snow out.nut -i anim2%d.png -strict
> -2 -vcodec snow -newvideo
> gives: Error while opening encoder for output stream 0.0 - maybe incorrect
> parameters such as bit_rate, width, or height.
> Okay no, problem... turns out I'm missing pixel format, so I set pixel
> format to yuv420p for snow.
> ffmpeg -i anim1%d.png -strict -2 -vcodec snow  -pix_fmt yuv420p out.nut -i
> anim2%d.png -strict -2 -vcodec snow -newvideo
> gives: Input Stream #1.0 frame size changed to 1024x768, bgra.
> Okay, no problem.. after a poke around with my debugger, i noticed
> ost->resample_pix_fmt is NOT same as ist->st->codes_pix_fmt.. and resample
> flag is not set.
> In other words, the second input is trying to read image2, png, yuv420p....
> the pix_fmt setting I applied for the first output processing is still in
> effect.
> the solution here, is to add -pix_fmt bgra to the input options,
> then another -pix_fmt yuv420p to the second output options.
> A working command line is.....
> ffmpeg \
>   -fimage2 -pix_fmt bgra -i anim1%d.png \
>   -strict -2 -vcodec snow  -pix_fmt yuv420p out.nut \
>   -fimage2 -pix_fmt bgra -i anim2%d.png \
>   -strict -2 -vcodec snow -pix_fmt yuv420p -newvideo
> What I would consider a *bug* here, is the need for us to specify
> the input pixel format of the images.. png's could be bgra or rgb24.
> The user needs to know detailed information about the source images, even
> though ffmpeg is completely able to figure it out for itself.
> What do you guys think? Bug?


> Secondly, if you agree that there is anything here to fix, how would
> you prefer i go about it ???
> I see 3 solutions.
> 1) Make yuv420p default for the snow video codec... don't error out if
> pix_fmt is not specified

> 2) Prevent a user supplied -pix_fmt from taking effect outside of its
> context.. for example, in this case, when supplied as part of the first
> encode option, it should not take effect on the following image2 import
> options.


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