[FFmpeg-devel] CrystalHD support status

Ant? Santos ansantos
Sat Feb 13 05:39:40 CET 2010

>> Indeed! I already tried XBMC and it plays quite nice! My Atom N270 was
>> able to play a 1080p H.264 8Mb/s trailer without any problems (around
>> 50% CPU). However, it doesn't handle well interlaced contents and
>> currently I need it working in VLC (and therefore in FFmpeg) to play
>> IPTV UDP multicast streams.
> is there a howto , or could you post the steps you took?
> or maybe find out where mike went wrong in his post:
> http://multimedia.cx/eggs/installing-crystalhd-drivers-in-linux/

Mike didn't go wrong... The thing here is that he didn't try to use  
the Broadcom with XBMC. He was just trying to compile the example that  
is shipped in the drivers package.
I would suggest, however, to use the drivers from git tree:


Then I used Ubuntu Karmic to compile and install the drivers and then  
to grab the latest SVN version of XBMC and compile it. Everything went  
pretty smooth...

Ant?nio Santos

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