[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] urlconcat protocol

Michele Orrù maker.py
Fri Feb 5 08:07:50 CET 2010

> trailing whitespace is forbidden in our svn
> maybe you want to try our patcheck script (see tools directory in svn)
ok, done,

> > +    if (err < 0)
> > +        urlconcat_close(h);
> > +    else
> > +        unodes = av_realloc(unodes, udata->length * sizeof(*unodes));
> > +    return err;
> the new array isnt stored anywhere and the failure cases is not handled
> Nope.
 At line 75 we make an an an array enough long to contain all urls , but
using as size as many times AV_CAT_SEPARATOR is present on *uri (+1).
 At line 100, instead, we move to the next url (uri += len + strspn()). So,
strings like cat:foo||bar are accepted.

 In the end, we realloc *nodes in order to free all the useless space that
could be allocated due to multiple consecutive AV_CAT_SEPARATOR. But, it's
obviuos that this new size is less than the original size. So, why manage
the case of failure?
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