[FFmpeg-devel] frames not parsed correctly for VOB file (mpeg2)

Christian Cier-Zniewski christian.cier
Wed Feb 3 20:10:55 CET 2010

Michael Niedermayer schrieb:
> a packet has its timestamps associated with the start of presentation/decode
> the second field is later thus timestamps associated with the second field
> can never be returned as they are. (i assume this is the problem with this
> file)
Ok. Thanks.
> Outputing 1 field per packet solves this with the old code for
> compute_pkt_fields()
> h264 also returns 1 field per packet for PAFF and has to because in h264
> field pictures dont have to be paired that is you can have 
> frame field frame field field frame field field field frame
> ive never seen such a sample but i guess thats just because the encoder
> developers all are sane enough still

Do you suggest to revert to the old code in general in future ffmpeg 
So that this type of files is also handled in future revisions?

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