[FFmpeg-devel] SRTP support

Stas Oskin stas.oskin
Mon Feb 1 22:28:30 CET 2010


1) it would be better to avoid using extendal libraries

Actually, after posting this email I looked closer at the VLC
implementation, and it's definitely seems self sufficient:

There are basically 2 files (srtp.c and srtp.h), and a dependency on the
libgcrypt. The code is compiled statically and linked into the main

> 2) I think that integrating SRTP functionalities in the libavformat API
> might require some careful design (avoiding to implement RTP or SRTP centric
> extensions, etc...).

I actually thinking about adding another layer, right before the rtp.c
writing (and maybe reading), which would encrypt every passing packet just
before sending it down the wire.

Sounds a reasonable approach?


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