[FFmpeg-devel] Online converter using ffmpeg

Tanguy tanguysauvin
Thu Aug 26 20:38:29 CEST 2010

Tomas H?rdin <tomas.hardin <at> codemill.se> writes:
> Cool. Tried it, seemed to work fairly well. Haven't tried without
> Javascript though. I use NoScript at home.
> Some feedback:
> You should inform the user of which codecs you're using at least for AVI
> and MOV. Usually these containers contain a rather heterogeneous mix of
> codecs in the wild - the most common being divx variants and msmpeg4v2,
> and mp3 (I think).
> You might want to make sure people's uploads/converted files don't
> collide filename-wise.
> I can't find any mention of FFmpeg anywhere. I suspect a link to
> ffmpeg.org is required if you want to be linked in return. It's also a
> good idea since more savvy users just figure "aha, it takes anything
> ffmpeg takes".
> /Tomas

Thank you for the advices. 

For codecs, I will think about his even if I want to make something really
simple. It was the reason why I didn't get into details.

I didn't make any mention to ffmpeg, I wanted to put one, but at the end I
didn't know where to put the link so I forgot it. If it is nedded, I can add one

Thank you Thomas.

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