[FFmpeg-devel] A64 codec development

Tobias Bindhammer tobias.bindhammer
Thu Aug 26 15:43:16 CEST 2010

> Thus I ask, why is this work being committed directly to svn without
> review?  Why are patches not posted as is normal for work of this
> type?  If the developer wants to work against a repository (something
> I tend to recommend), I would rather suggest using github or another
> free service rather than committing unreviewed code directly to the
> master svn.  That is what the rest of us do.

I think that is why:

Am 09.08.2010 15:01, schrieb Michael Niedermayer:
> On Sun, Aug 08, 2010 at 01:45:08PM +0200, Tobias Bindhammer wrote:
>> Ping?
> i guess it would make sense if you get svn write access and commit this
> and continue working on it in svn as issues are found and so on
> assuming you agree to our devel policy
> as noone seems to have time _and_ interrest in this except you
> [...]

> I believe we all agree code reviews are good.  Everybody makes
> mistakes once in a while, and routine reviews catch many of these
> before any harm is done.  Allowing unreviewed code into main svn
> increases the risk of an exploit finding its way through, which would
> ultimately tarnish the reputation of FFmpeg as a whole, and rightly so.

So far i won't touch anything except the corresponding encoder/muxer
until you urge or trust me to touch other stuff. I guess there is not
much damage i can do, but you give a small group of c64-enthusiasts the
chance to do some fancy stuff on their rusty machines.



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