[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] TCP error reporting

Luca Barbato lu_zero
Sun Aug 15 02:27:50 CEST 2010

On 08/14/2010 10:35 PM, Ronald S. Bultje wrote:
> Hi,
> On Fri, Aug 13, 2010 at 4:04 PM, Ronald S. Bultje <rsbultje at gmail.com> wrote:
>> a common problem in our networking code is error reporting. By failure
>> to do anything better, attached patch implements two error mesasges
>> if:
>> - a hostname could not be resolved
>> - a connection to a host failed
>> These are the two most common problems when a connection fails, and
>> it's good to let the user of ffplay know why it failed.
> [..]

Great =)



Luca Barbato

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