[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH/RFC] MP4A-LATM RTP depacketizer

Martin Storsjö martin
Wed Aug 4 17:13:00 CEST 2010


Now that the initial patch for a LATM demuxer is available, I tried 
implementing a MP4A-LATM RTP depacketizer, initially using a chained 

Attached is two different ways of implementing it - the first one is a 
simple and straightforward way without using a chained demuxer. There's 
really not much code duplication - a 6 line loop for reading the packet 
lengths, plus a few get_bit calls for extracting the extradata from the 
config data block. This is more or less quite equivalent to the way 
gstreamer's MP4A-LATM demuxer works.

The approach using a chained demuxer is a bit more complicated. I have to 
add some extra sync headers to the config data for the demuxer to 
recognize it, and I had to make a few other changes to the demuxer, too - 
see the other attached patch series, 1-4. This is based on top of the 
patch that Janne sent a few days ago.

(Both implementations also require the hex_to_data patch I sent earlier 

The part requiring most discussion is patch #2, where I've commented out 
the incrementing of cur_stream in the LATM demuxer. Janne - how are things 
laid out in the streams this normally handles? One config packet, followed 
by one data packet for each stream, and then a sync marker and another 
config packet? When receiving packets over RTP, there are (normally) no 
config packets inbetween, so incrementing cur_stream this way makes it 
start looking for another sync and config packet again.

Also, Janne, I'd appreciate if you could try reading section 4.1 in 
http://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc3016.txt - what would the payload look 
like if muxConfigPresent is set to 1, compared to if it is 0 (which is the 
one I've got samples for)? If there are in-band config packets, what would 
they look like?

What do you think is the best approach for doing this - a straightforward 
standalone depacketizer or adapting the generic demuxer to handle being 
used from the RTP depacketizer?

// Martin
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