[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Updated original IFF demuxer code to be 100% standard IFF-compliance

Sebastian Vater cdgs.basty
Tue Apr 20 21:02:09 CEST 2010

Sorry, I did accidentally send the older version of the patch with the
identation stuff included, here's the updated version.

Sebastian Vater a ?crit :
> While I was debugging my IFF-ANIM stuff I found (re-remembered) some
> facts about the IFF standard which weren't applied to the original
> libavformat/iff.c code.
> Therefore I was allowed to fix it, and here is it, the patch:
> It fixes a bug parsing the ANNO chunk not considering padding.
> It fixes that the original code was expecting that the BODY chunk is
> always the very last one (most files follow this rule, but this isn't
> required by the IFF standard and I've seen files on Amiga long time ago,
> where the BODY wasn't last chunk, sometimes stuff like ANNO followed
> after BODY, esp. with IFF-8SVX and IFF-SMUS).
> It fixes assuming that all known chunks have a fixed size (which isn't
> required also, they can be smaller and even be larger (newer data added).
> So after application of this patch, the IFF reader should be 100%
> compliance to the IFF-standard.

Best regards,
                   :-) Basty/CDGS (-:

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