[FFmpeg-devel] add MJPEG support into RTP output

Martin Storsjö martin
Thu Apr 8 12:45:43 CEST 2010

On Thu, 8 Apr 2010, Luca Abeni wrote:

> Martin Storsj? wrote:
> [...]
> > > In any case, what I do not want to see is a non-uniformity between the
> > > various packetisers. If we decide to split ff_rtp_send_data(), then all
> > > the packetisers must be converted. Having some packetisers implemented in
> > > the old way and some in the new one is (IMHO) not acceptable.
> > 
> > Yes, uniformity is important.
> > 
> > Even if this approach works quite well for video formats (where one frame is
> > split into multiple packets), but it doesn't necessarily work as well for
> > audio formats. There we usually buffer up a few frames into a packet, and we
> > might not be able to write out all data into the output ByteIOContext until
> > we've got all the frames for the packet, so there we need some kind of
> > intermediate buffer anyway.
> Yes... So, maybe the best thing to do is to use the current approach for
> packetisers that put more than one frame in a packet (generally, audio),
> and to use the new approach for the other packetisers (generally, video).
> But some comments in the code are needed to clarify this thing (otherwise,
> people will surely use the wrong code as an example when writing new
> packetisers :).

That sounds like a good plan!

// Martin

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