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Rusty Waters rusty0829
Tue Apr 6 21:24:36 CEST 2010

Hi Luis,

I'm assuming that you are building on Linux. If you are you can grep the fmpeg software you will see the use of a?VDPAU_XXXX
#define ?that is setup when you use the right config switch for buildin ffmpeg. (XXXX => I don't remember).
To see this in action you can refer to the combination mplayer/fmpeg example that assumes that the VDPAU_XXXX
support has been built into mplayer and ffmpeg. I was doing this work over 1 year ago, so it might have evolved into
a HW detction scheme, where the VDPAU capabilities are sensed at build or run time.
If my memory serves we wll,?I believe that it only works on nVidia graphics cards, from 8xxx series on up.

So, if those things are true you can:
mplayer -fps 30 -vo vdpau -vc ffh264vdpau ~/my_video_sample.mts? (or .mp4 or .264)

Then you would see a 1080p decode o an MPEG-2/4 or H.264 stream go from 80% to %120 of a core to less than 10% or so, assuming hardware

The other way is to look at the VA-API hw aceleration that is available in mplayer and fmpeg.
I haven't used it, just know it is there, and that it works to some large extent.


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I made some modifications to ffmpeg in order to test hardware acceleration,
but now I don't know how to enable it. VLC has the option to enable hardware
decoding, but it is giving some errors, and it would be better to test code
that does not depend on other applications...
Can someone tell me how force ffmpeg to use hardware decoding?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Luis
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