[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] internal error argb -> rgba converter

Stefano Sabatini stefano.sabatini-lala
Mon Nov 30 23:13:29 CET 2009


stefano at geppetto ~/s/l/ffmpeg> ffplay -loglevel info in.avi -vfilters "format=argb, format=rgba"
[format @ 0x94bc1a0]auto-inserting filter 'scale'
[format @ 0x94ca650]auto-inserting filter 'scale'
[ffplay_output @ 0x94bbb10]auto-inserting filter 'scale'
[swscaler @ 0x94cb610]No accelerated colorspace conversion found.
[scale @ 0x94cae70]w:464 h:352 fmt:argb
[scale @ 0x94cb0d0]w:464 h:352 fmt:rgba
[scale @ 0x94cb5b0]w:464 h:352 fmt:yuv420p
[swscaler @ 0x94dacb0]internal error argb -> rgba converter
   1.41 A-V:  0.005 aq=  246KB vq= 1037KB sq=    0B    

Note that the reverse conversion (rgba -> argb) works fine.

Can someone have a look at that?

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