[FFmpeg-devel] [FFMPEG] [PATCH] cavs encoder

zhihang wang zhihang.wang
Wed Nov 25 14:06:08 CET 2009

**The code in motion_est_template.c and motion_est.c seems to have
> some unsuitable assumptions:
> - that a skipped macroblock has motion vector (0,0)
> - that qpel needs different filter functions
> - how the chroma vector is calculated from luma (in qpel case and else)
> - that mid_pred is used for mv prediction
> - and maybe more
> Even if not all of above is correct I think it would be very difficult
> to extend this optimized-for-MPEG-type-video code to a more generic
> handling without having a speed regression. But I do certainly agree
> that H.264 and AVS encoders could share a lot of motion estimation
> code if that were to be written.***

*Sorry. Does someone know how to deal with the me model of AVS or H.264 and
that existing in the ffmpeg now? I don't know how to deal with the me model.
Best Regards
zhihang wang

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