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zhihang wang zhihang.wang
Thu Nov 19 02:36:26 CET 2009

cavs encoder patch 1.3.
This patch is modified according to diego's and stefan's comments. Thank you
very much for your comments. The patch is still split into 6 parts and will
be sent in 6 emails.

 patch description

 The function of this patch is to add the cavs encoder to the ffmpeg
 In order to adding this encoder, many files in the ffmpeg project need to
be changed

This patch contains 6 parts
1. the main body of the cavs encoder
2. interpolation
3. function and variable declaration
4. cavs decoder change because of the changement in AVSContext declaration
5. cavs dsp funtions in libavcodec/cavsdsp.c
6. other simple changes

This patch file is the first part of the patch.

1. the main body of the cavs encoder
This is the main part of the cavs encoder.
It contains many parts. The corresponding part is denoted in the
libavcodec/cavsenc.c file.
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