[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Implement a cmdutils functions for listing available elements

Stefano Sabatini stefano.sabatini-lala
Sat Nov 14 17:35:28 CET 2009

On date Saturday 2009-11-14 11:53:30 +0100, Michael Niedermayer encoded:
> patch rejected due to 100% code duplication, we have exitsing code in
> ffmpeg.c that does that, improve it and or move it around in seperate
> patches if you like but this is far too much work to verify to be not
> fully broken. Just your obvious messup of mixing printf with av_log
> shows how broken the code was. I spotted that one but how many did
> i miss?

Check the attached patch and tell if you prefer this approach, or
suggest how to do otherwise.

> Also, just to make it clear, as maybe theres a misunderstanding between
> us, i reject ALL unjustfied rewrites. Thats not limited to AVOptions and
> this patch, i will reject every future one as well.
> Iam sure we do have code that is crap enough to justify a full rewrite
> but neiter AVOptions nor show_formats() in ffmpeg.c are ugly written.
> The way you make changes even breaks binary search of svn, if your code
> is buggy such search would point to the removial of the old code not
> the addition of the (in that case) broken code.

The conversion process is not always easy or even possible and
developers has time / motivation constraints, sometimes you're in the
position that you have either to accept some compromise and entirely
replace old code, or to keep forever with the old code.

FFmpeg = Foolish and Fast Mystic Perennial Exxagerate Geek
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