[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] [issue999] Change output_configured to use fuzzy logic

Alex Converse alex.converse
Mon Nov 2 03:25:39 CET 2009

I don't particularly care about this but if it will end discussion on
the issue I'm all for it.

output_configured now has four truth levels:
OC_NONE - no out put configured
OC_TRIAL_PCE - An output configuration from an inband PCE is under trial
OC_TRAIL_FRAME - An output configuration from a frame header is under trial
OC_LOCKED - The output configuration is locked in place

extradata sets OC_LOCKED
ADTS headers set OC_TRIAL_FRAME if the channel configuration is
non-zero and output_configured is not OC_LOCKED
An inband PCE sets OC_PCE if output_configured is less than OC_TRAIL_FRAME
At the successful end of decoding a frame where OC is not none, OC is
set to OC_LOCKED
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