[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] avcodec thread safety fix

Andreas Öman andreas
Sat May 30 09:49:02 CEST 2009

Art Clarke wrote:
>> Well, my path does
>> if(cb(&codec_mutex, AV_LOCK_CREATE))
>>     return -1;
>> In the callback register function. I believe that should be enough?
> Sorry, I missed that.  You were already doing what I suggested.  You
> should create the mutex AFTER you set ff_lockmgr_cb to avoid a race.
> e.g. imagine the callback created a mutex but also started a new
> thread that immediately tried to open a codec before the first
> callback returned.
>> Perhaps it could AV_LOCK_DESTROY all global mutexes if you invoke
>> ff_lockmgr_register with NULL. Or have av_lockmgr_unregister()?
> That would be useful.  I prefer av_lockmgr_register(null) since it
> operates more like the other callbacks then.  Please call unlock
> BEFORE you unregister the callback and set the new callback (i.e.
> always make sure when you're setting or destroying a lock with a lock
> manager, that it's the manager actually set on ff_lockmgr_cb when
> running).

Yep, this makes sense, hope I got it right. Another patch attached.

>> This sounds reasonable to me. It would also make it possible to avoid
>> locking for codecs that don't need it at all.
> As Michael pointed out, this is, um, complicated.  I'd only suggest
> going down this path if this was a real scaling problem for a real
> world use case of libav (an aside, I'd be very surprised if contention
> for the global codec open  lock was the biggest scaling problem in
> someone running a multi-threaded decoder/encoder -- and I'm talking
> from the perspective of someone who already does exactly that).   I
> mentioned it as an idea, but I'll supplement by saying "it's an idea
> awaiting the problem" :)

Yeah, i'm using FFmpeg from lots of threads myself, and frankly. I've
never bumped into any problems which my external locks around
avcodec_open and close.

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