[FFmpeg-devel] [BUG] Artist and Track Number not converted from flac to mp3

Aurelien Jacobs aurel
Fri May 29 14:29:26 CEST 2009

On Thu, May 28, 2009 at 09:20:15PM -0400, David Conrad wrote:
> On May 28, 2009, at 9:11 PM, Justin Ruggles wrote:
>> Ramiro Polla wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> On Thu, May 28, 2009 at 7:18 PM, Patrice Bensoussan
>>> <patrice.bensoussan at free.fr> wrote:
>>>> Hello,
>>>> It seems that the Artist and Track Number info is lost when  
>>>> converting from
>>>> flac to mp3. Sample file uploaded in
>>>> /MPlayer/incoming/MissingTagsWhenConvertingFLAC
>>>> ffmpeg -i TrackAndArtistMissingAferConversionToMP3.flac - 
>>>> map_meta_data 0:0
>>>> file.mp3
>>>> (same issue when converting to m4a). I tried to have a quick look  
>>>> at the
>>>> code, but couldn't find out what the problem is... if anyone can  
>>>> help and
>>>> have some time...
>>> I have this patch in my tree that for some reason hasn't ever been
>>> submitted. Could you test and see if it still works?
>> Thanks.  I didn't know that was required.  Is that documented  
>> somewhere?
>> Also, wouldn't the ogg demuxer need to use the same mapping?  If so,  
>> it
>> could be put in oggparsevorbis.c/oggdec.h and used in both demuxers.
> Are case changes needed? I thought the default was case-insensitive  
> compare.

Indeed, we use case-insensitive compare, so case changes are not
strictly needed for decoders. But they could be useful for encoders
so that metadata is stored with the standard casing for the relevant


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