[FFmpeg-devel] [BUG] Storage of 3gpp metadata in 3gp files

Larbi Joubala larbi.joubala
Fri May 29 10:17:52 CEST 2009

Hi guys!

    I recently found that when I set metadata in 3gp files that the 
metadata are not displayed by any players or tools. I tested with 
QuickTime player and an other mp4/3gp/mov file analyzer 
tool("scenescope"). Then, to see where the issue comes from, I digged in 
the source code in paricularly "movenc.c" and I found out that the 
metadata are stored in UTF16 way but without the BOM(Byte Order Marker) 
to indicate the endianness. The 3gp standard say that the metadata value 
can be stored in UTF8 way or UTF16 way but for UTF16 the string value 
shall start with the following BOM 0xFFFE for big-endian.

Is this issue known and why don't store the metadata value with UTF8 
encoding characters to avoid to add the BOM in the beginning of the string?
*Larbi Joubala
* -------------------------------------

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