[FFmpeg-devel] MOV Muxer fix to respect the standard

François Revol revol
Fri May 22 13:52:25 CEST 2009

> Hi guys,
>     I recently found when I generated a mp4 file that this file 
> doesn't 
> totally respect the standard(ISO media file format 14496-12) in 
> particulary for the box 'hdlr'. The handler description(named in the 
> standard as 'name') must be a NULL-terminated string in UTF8 while in 
> the generated file I saw that the string is not NULL-terminated and 
> it 
> is preceded by its size while it is not specifies by the standard.
>     If you confirm that, I have joined within this mail a patch that 
> you 
> can apply.

>From what I recall, in many places MOV does use PASCAL strings (length 
+ non \0), while MP4 changed this to be C strings (\0 terminated), 
which is about the only significant difference (sometimes I wondered if 
it's not just to crash MOV parsers).

I don't have time, but you'll definitely want to check both QT and MP4 
specs for this.

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