[FFmpeg-devel] mov demuxer index memory usage

François Revol revol
Mon May 11 14:04:17 CEST 2009

> Hi,
> Mov demuxer builds an index containing all entries for one stream,
> which normally takes about 7MB memory for one 2hours' movie (.3gp
> file, mpeg4 video, aac audio in my case).
> Considering the memory limitation in my environment, one requirement
> comes up -- have to control the index memory size by max_index_entry,
> like mpeg-ps demuxer does.
> Would any expert provide any advice?

You'll probably have to submit a patch for this...
Theoretically it should be possible to rebuild part of it when seeking.
I'm not sure pure streaming needs the index or not, didn't dig the mov 
code for long time.


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