[FFmpeg-devel] How do I display I-frames only in H.264

Rusty Waters rusty0829
Wed May 6 20:58:58 CEST 2009


Thanks for responding. I am sorry I originally used my work email to register for user and developer lists for ffmpeg. Our work email always adds the proprietary message at the end of the email. We don not see this until after it is sent. I am a newbie at using these lists,
and not sure of where to go. I am also not sure what top-post means. So I quickly reregistered from this personal email, and I will learn the rules as best as I can.

But anyways my problem is real. avctx->skip_frame? = AVDISCARD_NONKEY works like a charm for MPEG-4 to remove I-frames, that is keep them from being decoded in our pipeline. When this is set for H.264, it does nothing.
Any idea of where to go, or who to go to get this fixed?

I use this teature, when displayiong multiple videos, as the CPU% gets too high, then new videos are i-freamed, so system doesn't hang opr crash. I actually use idle%, and when it gets too low I start I-framing. As I said this works like a charm in MEPG-4, but not at all in H.264.

Thanks again, Rusty Waters

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On Wed, May 06, 2009 at 05:51:49AM -0700, bun bun wrote:
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Talk in private.  This is offtopic for ffmpeg-devel.

Furthermore, you manage to top-post, break threads and have an obnoxious
footer in just a single email.

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