[FFmpeg-devel] YUV to MJPEG is independent of bitrate!!

Hadi Hadizadeh hadipardis
Mon May 4 18:22:23 CEST 2009

I just tried to convert a YUV file to MJPEG format using the following command:
ffmpeg -r 25 -b 1000 -s 352x288 -psnr -i foreman.yuv foreman.mjpeg
but the quality of the resultant video is very bad (psnr Y=29.32) and so I tried to
increase the bitrate (e.g. 1500, 2000). But unfortunately the problem is still remained
and I always get?PSNR Y=29.32. But what is the problem? Maybe?I am wrong with this
conversion. Any idea? Thanks!?


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