[FFmpeg-devel] lame: output buffer too small issue

Dennis Volodomanov dennis.volodomanov
Fri Jan 30 00:40:29 CET 2009

> > FFmpeg version git-6a1265c, Copyright (c) 2000-2009 Fabrice Bellard,
> > et al.
> is this the latest ffmpeg or not?

Yes, I updated from SVN a few minutes before building (and it was built
on Jan 28 2009 09:49:43 - that would be GMT +10).

> what command line options where used?

The command line is:

ffmpeg.exe -i "f:\FROMCH~1\DIFFIC~1\ELEPHA~1.AVI" -y -vcodec mpeg2video
-b 9000000 -maxrate 9080000 -bufsize 1835008  -muxrate 9080000
-packetsize 2048  -sameq  -g 15 -r 24000/1001  -s 720x400 -padcolor
000000  -padtop 88 -padbottom 88  -acodec libmp3lame -ac 2 -ab 128000
-ar 44100 -scodec copy  -f dvd  -threads 2 -copyinkf -sc_threshold
1000000000  "F:\out_test.1"

> did you try increasing BUFFER_SIZE in libmp3lame.c ?

I saw (from source history) that it was actually increased recently, so
I already have the code with the increased BUFFER_SIZE. I didn't try to
increase it further, as I don't know whether it effects anything else.


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