[FFmpeg-devel] Multiple FFservers in same machine

Saps saps
Thu Jan 29 14:08:18 CET 2009

I already send it to
FFmpeg-user, but, i don?t know if its possible on "user level".

Well, "transcript":
I'm trying to run multiple instances of ffserver (with diferent 
ffserver.conf, of corse).

But, when I try to start the second server, I receive this message:
"bind(port 5454): Address already in use
Could not start server "

I understand the message, but I don?t find where I can modify this port, 
cause, in ffserver.conf we have:
Port 8090

in ffserver2.conf:
Port 8091

Well, we don?t have plans to use rtsp (default port 5454), and I don?t 
have a entry in this port in my ffserver.conf.

Have a way to run 2 instances of server in same machine?



Have we a way to disable the use of rtsp, or modify, via ffserver.conf, 
the port in use?



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