[FFmpeg-devel] Recording Date/Time for (at least) Canon HG-20 / HF-100 / HF-10 found in mts files

Martin Strigl mst
Thu Jan 29 08:56:06 CET 2009

My Camcorder: Canon HG-20

The Story: since i wasn't very happy with this filie linked (xxxxx.mts 
<-> xxxxx.cpi -> xxxxx.mpl) solution to retrieve the recording date/time 
i was searching for another way to manage the task of finding this bit 
of information. After playing around a little bit with the software that 
came with my cam (pixela imagemixer 3 se) i noticed that it was able to 
retrieve the recording date/time directly from the mts files (without 
even the presence of a mpl file). So it was perfectly clear to me that 
this info has to be somewhere hidden in the stream. Firing up my 
hexeditor and after doing some probing it took not more than 5 minutes 
to see where. The result was the script i wrote (attached). I know it's 
not perfect, and not the most speedy one, but it's just meant as proof 
of concept. I tried to enable as many options as possible to allow it to 
be adapted for other cams too. I verified it's function against the mts 
files of my canon hg-20 and also against the files of a canon hf-100 and 

I'm not sure if this info is of any value for the development of ffmpeg, 
but since there are the options for setting -title / -timestamp / -year 
/ ... i thought it could be of some interest (perhaps to automatically 
set these infos), if not just forget that i even mentioned it.

sincerely martin
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