[FFmpeg-devel] Popular codecs on the web not supported by FFmpeg

Mike Melanson mike
Wed Jan 28 17:06:13 CET 2009

Benjamin Larsson wrote:
> Hi, the following list is from Picsearch and lists codecs that FFmpeg 
> isn't supporting. There are duplicates and because of the rapid 
> development some codecs are already supported, the first 5 in the list 
> are by margin the most popular. If anyone wants to try and add support 
> reply which fourcc's and I'll try to get links to sample files.

We should scrub the list for the easy ones. I wager that rgbb, Motion 
JPEG OpenDML, Animation JPEG OpenDML, JPEG, jpeg, YVU9, FFDS, Component 
Video, WRAW, Y41P. In fact, I think that compn has already hooked up a 
number of these to the MPEG-4 video decoder.

I have been slowly working through the Picsearch sample list, studying 
the samples, entering new pages into the Wiki, and organizing samples on 
mphq. Note that not all of those FourCCs are strictly valid. I think 
that 'dslv' falls more into a 'meta' category of QuickTime codecs. Come 
to think of it, 'jpeg' (lowercase) is probably the same (a still frame 
in front of a movie trailer's main SVQ3 video track, for example; I used 
to see this a lot).

     -Mike Melanson

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