[FFmpeg-devel] Patch for when SVN doesn't set execute bit on version.sh

Art Clarke aclarke
Sun Jan 25 05:08:42 CET 2009

> IMO, Art should remove any BLODA first, and report if the issue persists.

I have, and the issue can still persist.  It's very rare, and the svn
folks are aware of it (see their documentation).  In general setting
of execution bits across OSes is, well, fragile, and they know it (as
does Java, Red5, etc.).  Running "sh your script" is the standard way
of working around it (which is what the patch did)

Still, I understand the decision not to incorporate the patch.  Our
FFMPEG 'incarceration' process patches FFMPEG to work around the
failure, so it doesn't impact us anymore.

- Art

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