[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] experimental multichannel cook support

Sascha Sommer saschasommer
Sat Jan 24 19:18:04 CET 2009


while testing the wmapro decoder I stumbled over a matroska file with an 
additional realaudio cook 5.1 track. I then realized that the ffmpeg decoder 
does not yet support multichannel cook files.
It looks like for multichannel files several mono or stereo packets are 
concatenated together. The same goes for the extra data of the packets. The 
per subpacket extradata seems to be identical to the joint stereo version 
apart from an additional integer field that looks like some kind of channel 
mask. The lengths of the individual mono or stereo subpackets are stored at 
the end of the surrounding packet.

So here is an experimental patch to make it work.
Cleanup + channel layout handling still todo.

I'll be busy with wmapro so I also wouldn't mind if someone else wants to 
finish the patch.


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