[FFmpeg-devel] FOMS 2009 FFmpeg outbrief

François Revol revol
Thu Jan 22 02:39:35 CET 2009



> 1. CONCERN: Quality assurance
> 2. CONCERN: API stability

With svn it should be possible to maintain a stable branch...

> 4. CONERN: --disable-patents.
>    "It would be nice to build FFmpeg with all patent encumbered
>     codecs/containers disabled."

This would imply endorsement of software patents by FFmpeg developers, 
which at least for me is not going to happen.

>    Duh, this is can be achieved today by disabling everything except 
> RAW.

Exactly, so who cares ?

> 5. CONCERN: Suitability of libavformat API
>    Libavformat API is considered inadequate for 'tight' integration 
> with
>    gstreamer.

I remember writing an lavf demuxer addon for BeOS, but never finished 
it because the seeking semantics were not compatible, lavf seeked the 
whole stream at once, while BeOS handles seeking on a per track basis. 
It worked very well except for streaming...

I suppose it's the same for gstreamer.


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