[FFmpeg-devel] [RFC] RTP headers cleanup

Luca Abeni lucabe72
Fri Jan 16 08:33:50 CET 2009

Hi Luca,

Luca Barbato wrote:
> +++ b/libavformat/rtpenc_h264.h
> that looks a bit overkill

Yes, I had the same impression... But then I do not know where to put
the prototypes of all the ff_rtp_send_*() functions... Would it be
ok to put those prototypes in rtpenc.h? (in this way, I can also remove
rtp_mpv.h and rtp_aac.h). Or should I add a list of "extern ff_rtp_send_*()"
in rtpenc.c? (I do not like the idea, but I see something similar is done
in allformats.c, for example).

Suggestions are welcome.

> beside that I like the idea and the patch even if maybe they could be 
> split a bit more.

Yes, I was thinking about splitting all the dynamic payload stuff in a
different header file, for example. But I think that can be done in a
second batch of patches, if people agree.


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