[FFmpeg-devel] Probable WunderRadio ffmpeg LGPL violation

Len Towers iwasnotme
Wed Jan 14 18:26:18 CET 2009

It seems like a common way to capitalize on the iPhone app gold rush is to:
1. Get Apple dev license.
2. Take some GPL and/or LGPL code.
3. Wrap a basic iPhone UI around it.
4. Profit!

Seriously, though, WunderRadio appears to violate the ffmpeg (and libmms)
license.  The application sells for $5.99 in the app store and is one of the
most popular streaming applications...so they're making some good money by
doing it.

Here's how I came to the conclusion that they're violating the ffmpeg

- Purchase and install WunderRadio on my phone.
- Sync using iTunes, which copies a backup of the application to
"~/Music/iTunes/Mobile Applications/WunderRadio.ipa".
- Extract the contents of WunderRadio.ipa (it's just a ZIP file).
- Open "Payload/WunderRadio.app/WunderRadio" (I used "vi -b
- Search for your favorite FFMPEG symbol (I just searched for avcodec_init).
 You could also search for mms_connect if you're interested in libmms
- Also note that the following files are included in the WunderRadio.app
directory (just further evidence):
  * libavcodec-uninstalled.pc
  * libavcodec.pc
  * libavformat-uninstalled.pc
  * libavformat.pc

There is no attribution to ffmpeg or libmms that I can find.  The libraries
are statically linked.

The ffmpeg and libmms copyright holders would seem to have an upper hand in
this one as there is a single distribution channel for their application
(the Apple App Store).  So if they don't comply with the license, the
copyright holders could probably petition Apple to remove the application.
 I'm sure that would get their attention.

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