[FFmpeg-devel] VDPAU hardware decoding -> MLT

Jean-Michel Pouré jm
Fri Jan 9 17:31:23 CET 2009

Dear Carl Eugene and friends,

This post is about using VDPAU for MLT video rendering engine. MLT is
based on FFmpeg and is used in Kdenlive.

At first I thought that VDPAU could be used to edit H.264 files in MLT,
only displaying frames. 

But during video editing, we need to be able to add transitions and
apply effects, which means access to frame content. So after discussions
with developers, it appears that we need to display H.264 files AND
access full decoded frames. In fact, we really need some kind of video
decoding acceleration and not only display acceleration.

Is there a way to use VDPAU to decode stream content using hardware

Kind regards,

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