[FFmpeg-devel] PTS/DTS inaccuracy in PES

Tomer Barletz barletz
Mon Jan 5 17:15:57 CET 2009

Hi  everyone,
Lately I've been working on the TS muxer from the gsoc repository, in
order to fix some PCR timing issues.
I've submitted a patch to fix these issues, and the output TS looks
nice and accurate now.

However, I'm currently experiencing some problems with the (video) PES
PTS/DTS accuracy.
After analysing the PES, I can see significant irregularities with the
stream - the PTS and DTS values looks correct at first, but they will
lose accuracy exponentially very soon.

I've started to look at the code, and figured that the location where
these values are calculated is at
libavformat/utils.c::compute_pkt_fields; but this method is quite
difficult to understand, specifically the blocks starting at 837, and
877 (I don't want to paste the code here, since it's pretty long).
Can someone please shed some light on this?


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