[FFmpeg-devel] avcodec_decode_video(): is there a way to pass in PTS and retrieve it again after picture reordering?

Janne Grunau janne-ffmpeg
Sat Jan 3 20:40:49 CET 2009


On Saturday 03 January 2009 19:23:02 Reinhard Nissl wrote:
> To fix this issue, xine-lib would have to pass the PTS value
> together with video data into avcodec_decode_video() and would
> have to retrieve the PTS value later from the returned frame as
> only the H.264 decoder knows about picture reordering and is
> therefore the only place to shuffle PTS values accordingly.
> So, is there such a possibility available with
> avcodec_decode_video() or is there another function which
> provides this ability?

Since revision 14871 AVFrame|AVCodecContex.reordered_opaque



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