[FFmpeg-devel] Multiple substreams in mpeg-ts pids? (blueray)

Nico Sabbi nicola.sabbi
Thu Jan 1 13:18:34 CET 2009

some time ago someone (maybe Ian Collins?) posted a table describing
the correspondance between stream_id and stream types in blueray,
adding (IIRC) that there can be more than one stream in the same pid.
Can anyone clarify a bit, please?
How are those streams supposed to be laid out?
Do they have at least different substream ids such as 0x80, 0x81 and so
on? If so, is the substream_id always the first byte of the payload
with the same syntax as for AC3?
Are substreams embedded in separate TS packets? :-)

I have a sample (walle in incoming) with pid 4352 containing
stream_id==0xfd just like for VC-1) that ffdca doesn't like:
the decoder complains of invalid DCA frames, maybe because
my demuxer is sending it some data belonging to a second substream
(maybe ac3).

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