[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] use new metadata API in nut

Aurelien Jacobs aurel
Thu Feb 26 23:55:36 CET 2009


nut is the last (de)muxer to still use the old metadata API. So attached
patch converts it. A few things to note:
  - The demuxer don't export the following tags: "Uses","Depends","Replaces"
    This is intended, because those values have no meaning outside the
    nut demuxer itself.
  - The muxer is only a straight conversion of current muxer, which will
    thus only mux "Title", "Author" and "Copyright".
    I intend to support generic tag muxing in the future, but this requires
    some more work to get it right, so it will have to wait a bit more.
    (it requires checking the validity of keys and values to decide if
    it's an official tag or a non-standard one requiring a "X-" prefix)

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