[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] fixes and optimization for ff_find_start_code()

Matthias Dahl ml_ffmpeg-devel
Thu Feb 26 19:35:25 CET 2009


On Thursday 26 February 2009 18:55:38 Michael Niedermayer wrote:

> startcodes can be split across buffers in reality ...

Ok, makes sense. I was under the impression that it was guaranteed that a 
start code would appear as whole sequence, just like with TS/PES packets. In 
that case, discard my patch and apologies I wasted your time. :-(

> i have my doubts about this being consistent accross gccs and
> -optimization-opitions for gcc.

The speed-up was just bonus, actually. I thought the cleaned up version was 
worth sending in as it was more compact and easier readable- and in IMHO free 
of any bugs. I was wrong.

> also it might be worth investigating to rewrite this function is asm()
> if gcc has problems with it,

Thought about that too. But since I am currently short on time, this is not 
high on my TODO list.

> > and tabs ar forbidden in ffmpeg svn

Argh. Spotted it. Must have happened with a last minute change I made because 
I used some builtin editor that I usually don't use. :(

Best regards,

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