[FFmpeg-devel] Reg: Auto exit / stopping ffplay one file reaches feof..?

Ragas sag info2use4me
Thu Feb 26 07:03:49 CET 2009

Hi Xperts

Ffplay does not exit /quits once it reaches end of file ?  It keeps on
allocating memory and it wait's for the user to enter ' q key ' to stop
ffplay. How do i auto exit ffplay once the file reaches it's feof ? I tried
to exit(o) from video thread once it ends, but the exit is not at all
graceful. Because it call's SDL related function's to free all buffers and

Any code or approach to end ffplay will really help.

Kindly if anybody can help me on how to auto exit ffplay, once it reaches
end of file will really help.

Warm regards,

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