[FFmpeg-devel] Patch to add support for handling multiple edit lists in MOV files

Krishna Gadepalli krishna.k.gadepalli
Mon Feb 23 19:42:53 CET 2009

Hi Baptiste

> Comments:
> Code uses 2 spaces indentation while FFmpeg codingstyle uses 4 spaces.

I will fix this.

> Isn't it possible to "adjust" timestamps in mov_build_index directly
> before adding the AVIndex entry ?

I tried this first and got a bit confused at first... maybe this is better
i will try to do this...

> I don't think this is 100% correct. Let me explain. The way I understand
> edit lists and the way quicktime seems to handle them, is basically a
> way to extract specific part of stream to "display".
> ...

thanks for the detail explanation. i will have to think through this again.
I already have an issue where I noticed that with my patch these files
"play" fine with mplayer but dont transcode properly with mencoder.

> This is _really_ complicated IMHO.

_yeah_... especially since this is my first intro to MOV files and all its

> I believe your patch might still be ok if it would correctly offset
> timestamps.
> Currently for case 1 first pts and are 1 and 0 while they should be 0
> and -1, and for case 2 first dts and pts are still 0 while they should
> be 5000 rescaled to track time scale.
> I hope this helps.

thanks... i am busy with a few other things. I will try to post a new patch

p.s. and sorry for the top-posting earlier.

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