[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] libavfilter-soc: make scale algorithm configurable

Vitor Sessak vitor1001
Sun Feb 22 20:16:00 CET 2009


Stefano Sabatini wrote:
> On date Tuesday 2009-02-17 01:40:47 +0100, Stefano Sabatini encoded:
> [...]
>> New round, no hurry to review it since I want to think something more
>> about it.
> Patches cleaned-up, some bug fixed, choosen a better name for
> AVFilterGraph::sws_opts (now is scale_sws_opts).
> Summary:
> * vf-scale-use-getcached-ctx.patch
>   Use sws_getCacehdContext() in config_props, the context is alloced
>   in the first place in init(), while the srcSlice h/w, dst h/w are
>   set in config_props.

Fine to me if it works, even if I find it slightly ugly to call 
sws_getContext() with senseless parameters...

> * vf-scale-cosmetics.patch
>   Reindent + minor cosmetics.

There is no point in posting reindent patches, the policy is to commit 
obviously correct patches directly.

> * vf-scale-set-scale-sws-opts.patch
>   Implement the sws-opts parsing, in particular parse the sws_flags
>   option in the sws_opts eventually provided in the args (mmh, maybe
>   this should be split).
>   The sws_flags is set in the context, this value is re-set in
>   config_props() when sws_getCachedContext() is used to create the new
>   sws context with the srcSlice h/w, dst h/w parameters.

Fine for me too, but please remove the "/* TODO: make algorithm 
configurable */" comment.


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