[FFmpeg-devel] Netgem

Baptiste Coudurier baptiste.coudurier
Sun Feb 22 01:31:02 CET 2009

Carl Eugen Hoyos wrote:
> Hi!
> Issue 678 deals with netgem.com - a company probably dealing with set-top-boxes.
> I added them to Shame when absolutely no source was available. They added a
> patched version of a tarball of r15935 to their sources file (see roundup), so I
> plan to remove them from shame. If anybody has strong feelings about not to,
> please take over the issue, it took me already quite a lot of time.
> Now the important things:
> I uploaded the diff of their changes to incoming/issue678/patchnetgemr15935 (and
> will send it to Ivan Schreter).
> It contains:
> A memleak fix for aac-ac3-parser
> A patch against h264-parser
> A patch against rtsp code (by far the largest patch)
> A patch for asf-crypt.
> A fix for "DIVX-packed"
> Small changes for MIPS (Mans?)
> A large patch against dvbsubdec.c
> (Possibly outdated) changes against mov and flv demuxer
> It also contains a patch against our amr glue code because of using a different
> installation directory...
> Please have a look, Carl Eugen

Applied flv aac extradata patch, applied mov memory check patch (even
added one more return for ctts func).

Michael, could please have a look at the "even_report" function in
AVFormatContext ? I'd like to implement the redirection for mov and will
use it for dref handling too.

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